Crisp mountain air, a fresh glacier-fed river and intriguing wildlife are just some of the reasons to visit southern Alaska for this full-day train and rafting tour. Ride one of the last flag-stop trains in America through lush mountains and then gear up for a relaxing ride along Alaska's crystal-clear Susitna River. Watch for eagles, salmon, moose and even the occasional bear as you cruise through this quiet Eden on an adventure you won't soon forget.This is a small-group tour limited to 15 people, ensuring a personalized experience.

Your 10-hour nature tour from Anchorage begins with hotel pickup by van. Once you arrive in the quaint town of Talkeetna, you'll receive a little lesson in locomotive history. The Hurricane Turn is one of America's last flag-stop trains ' so named because people who want to ride walk up to the track and wave the train down with a flag. Hop aboard and the train will chug through the craggy, verdant mountains of southern Alaska. When you arrive in Chase, you'll depart the train for the next portion of your wilderness journey.

Hike down to the Susitna River, fed with crystal-clear glacier runoff, and board your raft. Settle in for a leisurely float down the 15th-largest river in the US. You're not likely to hear rapids on this portion ' instead, kick back and enjoy the quiet and Alaska's wild nature. Go with the flow as you gaze at the flora and fauna around you, including humungous ferns that tower above 8 feet tall and moose idling by the river. Eagles swoop overhead and salmon spring from the serene waters. Keep your camera ready for the occasional bear stopping by to pick up some fish for dinner.

Once your hunger sets in, it will be time for an idyllic lunch break on one of the river's islands. Enjoy a 'Flag Stop Rail 'n Raft' cooler filled with a gourmet lunch prepared by the Historic Talkeetna Roadhouse. Choose from a selection of homemade sandwiches including BLT, salmon salad, veggie and pulled pork.

Then continue on the last leg of this beautiful nature journey, floating on the Susitna for another 12 miles back to Talkeetna. You'll reach the shore at approximately 4pm, just in time for the relaxing drive back to your hotel in Anchorage.

Please note: This tour is available June 1 through September 1. Summer days are often quite warm, but a breeze on glacial rivers can be chilly. Please bring a sweater or jacket and a hat, camera and sunglasses. Fall days can be very chilly, so plan accordingly and dress with layers. This tour is not handicapped-accessible.

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