Have your guide pick you up in Anchorage, and let you enjoy your scenic drive North East to the beautiful Matanuska Glacier! 'Here we will spend approximately two hours walking around on the glacier, where you will be outfitted with cleats and hiking poles. 'There are numerous opportunities for incredible views and photos while walking around! 'After the walk, we will have lunch at a local eatery before returning to Anchorage.

Winter Glacier Walk

Journey north of Anchorage and explore the Matanuska Glacier's many incredible features, like glacial blue meltwater pools, in Southcentral's beautiful Matanuska Valley.

A favorite of Alaskans that live in this area, the Matanuska Glacier is a frozen 27 mile long river of ancient ice. Thousands of years old, this massive glacier is tucked up into the head of the Matanuska Valley. You will spend over 2 hours directly on the glacier with a glacier guide by your side, learning how the Matanuska Glacier was born and how it shaped the landscape in the Matanuska Susitna Valley. Explore blue meltwater pools, the ice formations and deep crevasses.

For the winter version of this tour, we sometimes use a sled/machine combo to get onto the glacier and look around. 'Whether we walk with crampons, or use the machine, will depend on the conditions on the glacier. 'Either way, this trip is a grand adventure! 'We require our guests to bring sturdy footwear and suggest that you bring an extra pair of socks. Don't be surprised that your shoes get filthy with glacial flour. This glacial till is finely ground rock the glacier has created - it makes for great facials! 'Our fully-guided transportation includes a pick up at your hotel in Anchorage as well as water and snacks in the touring vehicle. 'Local lunch included. Reviews | Photos | Get Tickets